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If you like to practice the fundamentals of nursing before you entrust yourself to more than three years of schooling, think about being a Certified Nurse Assistant. As a CNA, you will administer the daily care of a patient in the hospital or a patient’s home.

The top priority of a Certified Nursing Assistant is to sustain the emotional and physical everyday care and needs of the patient. CNAs work under the direction of medical staff and a nurse. While a great deal of work like feeding, bathing, dressing and recording vital signs is not as extravagant as other positions, it is the position that normally creates the deepest impact on patients as CNAs normally have the most contact on patients. Home health assistants have a specifically vital role in the lives of the patients, since they give care for disabled, elderly or convalescent people in their own houses.

How to Become a CNA?

For you to become a certified nursing assistant, you should have a GED or a high school diploma. Then you can take 2 to 6 months course in a community college, local hospital or local trade school. Training schedules differ from one program to another, depending on the needs of the area and the state wherein you would like to work. The trainings include anatomy, basic health care, body mechanics, communication skills, nutrition and personal care abilities. Students of CNA have several works in clinical site as well. Majority of the coursework in CNA is intended to assist students in passing the required state certification examination.

The CNA Exam

The examination targets the 21 competencies for nursing assistant that are designed in the federal law. The exam is divided in two parts- the clinical skill test and written test. Before taking the written exam, it is a sensible idea to review your note. This will make that your memory is fresh on all subjects. Also, it can help ease angst over taking the exam. Several practice questions for different state examinations are as well accessible that could assist the student experience what it’s like taking the exam.

The clinical part of the exam can as well make various applicants tense. Having somebody watching each move will make a lot of people worried, although you have to keep in mind that the assessor has also performed these incalculable times and understands the effects it can have on people. The applicant will basically be asked to do between three to five practical exams. Going over these abilities psychologically and doing them with your help in advance can go toward lessening anxiety.

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